Working with the Pages tab

When you open the Workflow and select the Pages tab, the most prominent feature you’ll instantly notice is the central area with page thumbnails, which takes up most of the available space. That’s primarily because this area is intended to give you a clear visual representation of your edition’s structure and flow. This area also enables you to change the displayed structure, simply by dragging and dropping the selected pages to a different location.

The Pages section also boasts a few other very useful functions that enable you to adapt the structure of your edition exactly to what you have in mind. If you turn your attention to the bottom of the workflow window, just outside the area with page thumbnails, you’ll find a white narrow bar containing a few check-boxes and buttons. Now, these are explained in detail in separate articles, but just to give you an idea, using these options you are able to toggle layer and/or subpage visibility, define the page type, define page background color, insert blank pages, insert pages from a PDF, replace pages with a PDF or an image, and delete pages.


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