How to use Page type

You can use the Page Type feature for every individual page of your edition. The system enables you to select different page types which have a different appearance and change their position, relative to other pages. Using different page types gives you the power to determine the content flow and with that you are effectively controlling the user experience. How awesome is that!

To start using page types, simply select a page from the page structure area. The Page Type button is positioned in the upper right corner of the selected page thumbnail. When you click on it, a pop-up menu with four options appears. To select one, simply click on the option you would like to apply. Alternatively, you can also change the selected page’s type using the drop down menu that’s located at the bottom, just outside the page structure area.

There are four page types that you are able to select from: Page (default), Parallax scroll, Sub-page, and Layer.  When a user navigates through the edition horizontally using the left and right navigation arrows, only pages will appear. Whenever a page holds any number of Sub-pages, the Edition Digital web player will display additional navigation options, which will allow the user to also navigate vertically. In case of a Parallax scroll, a vertical scroll bar will appear at the right edge  Layers can be added to Main pages, as well as Sub-pages and are always excluded from vertical and horizontal navigation. Layers can be viewed only by clicking on a direct link to the page.

We’ve found that prominent pages like the cover (front and back), table of contents, ads, and especially feature pages or section openers work best as standard pages. For features with lots of content, we suggest using a page as the entry point and expanding the feature using Sub-pages. Layers come in very handy when you need to create a page in many varieties that are displayed only when a specific link is clicked. Parallax scroll works best when the content goes across multiple pages.


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