How to replace pages with a PDF

To start replacing existing pages of your digital edition with the ones from a PDF, open the Workflow, navigate to the Pages tab, and select the pages you wish to replace. If it’s just one page that needs replacing, select it with a simple mouse click. You’ll know that it’s selected when a green highlight surrounds the page. To select multiple adjacent pages, simply drag your mouse across those pages. Only the pages that are completely within the selected area will be included in the selection. To increase your selection, hold down the Ctrl (Cmd on MAC) key while selecting additional pages, which don't necessarily need to be adjacent.

Now look for the Replace selected pages icon that’s located in the bottom right-hand corner and click it. Then select Replace pages with PDF and simply drag-and-drop the PDF in the dotted line area also called the drop zone, or click that area to browse for it using your operating system’s default file explorer. When the provided PDF contains the exact amount of pages as you’ve selected, all that’s left to do is to click the Replace button and the system will take care of the rest.

However, when you want to replace the selected pages with specific pages from the provided PDF, you’ll also need to check the Range option and let the system know exactly which pages to use by providing their consecutive numbers in the adjacent input field like so: 1,5,17,24. Ranges of pages can also be used like this: 33-37, 40-58. If the situation calls for both, you can mix things up like this: 4,6,8-14,20, 25-34.

The process of replacing pages with a PDF also enables you to decide whether you want to work just with the selected pages, or all the pages of your edition. If you’ve selected the pages you want to replace, the corresponding option will already be selected when you click Replace selected pages so you can leave it as it is. Unless, of course, you’ve changed your mind and want to replace all the pages. In that case you simply select All pages, which, by the way, will be selected automatically when you click Replace selected pages without having selected any page. With all the options in check, you can proceed by clicking the Replace button. The system will upload your PDF, process the pages, and after a few short seconds, replace the pages with the provided PDF.


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