How to reorganise pages

The Pages section makes it very easy to shift pages around and change their order. To relocate just one page, first select it with a simple mouse click. You’ll know that it’s selected when a green highlight appears around the page. To move that page, drag it to a different location in the sequence and notice how a thin dark line is indicating the page’s new position. When you have found the right place, just release your mouse button and the pages change places accordingly.

When you drag the selected page underneath a different page, you are effectively changing the selected page into a Subpage, which you can also distinguish by the slightly spaced, vertical arrangement that forms after you drop the selected page. However, when you drag a selected page on top of another page, you are changing it into a Layer, which will also be displayed in vertical alignment, but only when the Show layers option is selected.

You can also relocate a selection of many pages. To select multiple adjacent pages, simply drag your mouse across those pages. Only the pages that are completely within the selected area will be included in the selection. To increase your selection, hold down the Ctrl (Cmd on MAC) key while selecting additional pages. Now you can use the same drag-and-drop approach to relocate the whole selection of pages.


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