How to import edition preferences

Whenever you set out to create a sequence or succession of editions that share similar content – which call for using the same, or at least similar, display information and preferences available in the Workflow – you only need to set these preferences once (for one edition) and then simply import them to every other edition in the sequence. This feature will save you a lot of time to focus on new and exciting things.


First you need to put in a few minutes and work your way through the preferences and options that are available (or required) in the Workflow’s Main, Personalise and Appearance tabs. Once you’re happy with the preferences, use the Dashboard or in the My editions section to locate the edition that requires the same preferences and click the supplementary Edit button at the bottom of that edition’s card.

When the Workflow opens, click the Import preferences button at the bottom. In the newly opened window first select the edition from which to import and decide if you want to import preferences from all, or just individual Main, Personalise, or Appearance tab. When you’re ready, click Import. The system will require one last confirmation and after you click next, the selected preferences will be imported in a matter of milliseconds.

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