Working with the Main tab

Simply put, Main is a section of the Workflow. In fact, it’s appears first when you click on any edition’s Edit button, either from the Dashboard or My Editions section. That’s because the Main section holds key bits of information, which are used throughout the system to describe and identify your editions and make tasks like Analytics tracking, campaign creating, and project and/or Folio administration much more transparent. The provided information is also used to represent your editions on social media, search engines and other settings, once the edition goes live.

To prevent misrepresentation, the system will not allow any edition with incomplete basic details to be published. Whenever that happens, a notification will appear explaining what’s missing so you can quickly sort that out. The following details, which are located in the left hand white rectangle titled Basics, are mandatory for every edition: Name, Description, and the Cover image.


The name is the initial piece of information about your edition the end user receives and, as such, plays a very significant role. Make sure to provide an exciting and meaningful name that will best represent your edition as a whole.

The description is as important as the title. Provide a few short sentences that highlight the content of your edition. Together they enable your readers to get a quick glimpse into the edition without revealing too much.

The cover image is the user’s first visual contact with your edition and we all know how important first impressions are! Provide a captivating image that will get your users excited and want to have a closer look.

In addition to adding or editing basic information, the Main section also enables you to publishing your edition, and monitor its SEO level. Both of these features are explained in separate articles here on our knowledge base so be sure to check them out.


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