How to create and manage a newsstand

The Edition digital Newsstand facilitates a simple and effective way to monetise your digital editions on the web and through native apps published on iTunes and Google Play store. We’ve taken great care to make the setup process as intuitive as possible, so you are just a few clicks away from starting your digital newsstand.folios-main-menu.jpg

Start by navigating to Administration and Folios where all your existing folios, newsstands, and apps are listed.


Create a new Newsstand

To create a new newsstand, locate and click Create new newsstand at the bottom of the list. This action opens a pop-up where you need to provide a name and a description of your newsstand. After you do so, click Create Newsstand to finish a process.

Add editions to the Newsstand

Whenever you click your newsstand from the list, it expands, revealing the containing editions. But immediately after you’ve created a new newsstand there aren’t any editions to display, so let’s go ahead and add a few. To do that click Add or remove editions, which opens a list of editions you are eligible to use. Select the ones you want to include by clicking them once. Finalise by clicking Save and Close. To remove a single edition from a newsstand, look for the button on the far right of the expanded newsstand.

The Edition digital newsstand facilitates a simple and effective way to monetise your digital editions on the web and through native apps published on iTunes and Google Play stores. We’ve taken great care to make the setup process as intuitive as possible, so you are literally just a few clicks away from starting your own digital newsstand.


Set the Newsstand with some necessary details 

To start setting up your newsstand locate and click Edit newsstand on the far right of the newsstand entryIn the newly opened window, you’ll notice that all features and preferences, which the newsstand makes available, are nicely organised in separate tabs. Now we’ll have a look at each of these sections a bit more closely.

The first tab from the left is where you’ll need to provide a name and a description of the newsstand. These two bits of info are quite crucial because they give your newsstand its identity. Also, add a newsstand-logo and make sure that you provide the share-image as well.

By enabling the teaser feature, your readers are more aware of what they are buying. They’ll get a good sense of your magazine and be able to see the table of contents. Teaser preview shows first 15 pages of your magazine, 5 in medium-res quality and the rest completely blurred.


Then select one of four available layouts, each of which displays the available editions differently. Depending on the layout you select, the system utilises each edition’s cover image, or its landing page thumbnail, which can be updated if necessary. We suggest that you try them out and stick with the one that works (looks) best. 

To finish your customisation choose a colour theme from the drop-down list. Please bear in mind that each colour can be changed. And to follow your company’s branding completely, you can set additional CSS & JS in the “Customization Editor.”


Add footer’s menu

You will most likely also want to provide a bit of context about your newsstand, perhaps some privacy policy, or even an about us style page. To do that, select one of the Footer menu items from the left to reveal the corresponding options in the adjacent area on the right-hand side. Next, flip the switch to Enable menu, provide the menu name, and, using the text editor, provide and style the content you want to be displayed.


A first look!

Great, you have finished all the necessary steps to see the newsstand for the first time. To see the newsstand click the URL address in “General tab.” It opens the newsstand in the new browser’s tab. 

But where are my publications, you may ask? 

To start selling your editions, you’ll need to set up a payment method and choose a price for each publication in “Item tab”. Please, see the next chapter where we cover the sales model in details.


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