User roles explained

Edition Digital provides a versatile and easy-to-use multi-level user administration that enables account owners to control what users can and cannot do within their accounts. This is achieved by assigning each user one of several predefined roles: Custodian (account owner), Admin, Editor, Designer, and Analyst. Each of these roles comes with a specific set of capabilities that are described herein.  


The Custodian is essentially the account owner, and, in most cases, also the account creator, which is why custodians oversee payments and receive important notifications concerning the account and its corresponding users and editions.

Custodians have full access to all the system’s functionalities within the constraints of the purchased plan: creating and managing editions, users, projects/titles, folios, and apps using the Administration section, making editorial, structural, and design changes using the Workflow and Design tool, creating and managing HTML teasers and marketing campaigns using the Marketing suite, and analysing user behaviour utilising heaps of insightful user generated data within the Analytics section.


Admins are managing Editors, Designers, and Analysts, making sure that everything is running smoothly. That’s why, apart from overseeing payments, admins have the same capabilities as Custodians - full access to the system within the constraints of the purchased plan with the main responsibility being user, project, folio, and app management within the Administration section.


Editors have access to the entire Workflow and Design tool in order to edit the edition’s details, make design and layout changes to individual pages, structural changes of whole editions, create landing pages and mobile versions, and change the appearance and personalization preferences. In addition, Editors can also access the Analytics section to monitor user behaviour. They are only able to work with editions, which they were assigned to by the Custodian or Admin.


Designers are able create page layouts using the numerous features that are made available within the Design tool and the Workflow. They are only able to work on editions, which they were assigned to by the Custodian or Admin. Designers don't have access to the Analytics section though.


Analysts are able to gain insight into reader behaviour, utilising numerous reports offered by the Analytics section, which is available only for individual editions or whole projects which the Analyst was assigned to by the Custodian or Admin.

As mentioned, the user administration also enables Custodians and Admins to assign users to individual editions or whole projects. Click here to find more details on how that’s done.


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