How to add a 360° Gallery


To place a 360°gallery on a page, select the 360°gallery tool from the left-hand Tools panel, move it over to the work area and create a gallery element by dragging your mouse across the area where you want the element to be placed.

After you release your mouse button, the 360° gallery images editor will automatically open. This editor enables you to drag-and-drop images you would like the gallery to display. To rearrange the order in which the images are displayed, simply select one and drag it to a different location. If there’s an image you don’t want to display, you can remove it by clicking the trash bin icon underneath the image thumbnail.

Speaking of additional 360°gallery options, there’s a few more, which can be found in the right-hand Gallery panel when a gallery is selected. The panel contains a drop zone that very intuitively enables you to drag-and-drop new images to the gallery. The same can be achieved if you click the “Edit images” button.

What’s more, you can select a background color for your gallery and choose if you want to display a slider/handler for the 360°gallery or leave to swipe by default.

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