How to extract and animate images from PDFs

  1. Start by converting your PDFs into a new digital edition. The following video demonstrates how to do that:
  2. Find the thumbnail of the page you would like to edit and launch the Design tool by double-clicking the image.
  3. Select the Image tool from the left-hand tools pagel.
  4. Drag-select the area where you would like to place an image.
  5. Select the Extract from background tab.
  6. Select which of the available images you would like to extract by click on each image once; clicking the second time will deselect that image.
  7. To remove the selected images from the background, select the corresponding option that’s located under the Page preview.
  8. Click Add in the bottom-right corner to extract images.

Now that the extracted images available as separate elements, you can go ahead and animate them using the Animation panel. Here’s a short video that demonstrates how the animation panel works:


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