How to change my account details

Your account details are located in the Administration section, which can be accessed if you click the Administration main menu item and then the My account sub-menu item. On the left-hand side of this page you’ll see your personal information that you, the account custodian or one of the admins, have provided when your user account was created. You can change the displayed personal information and the password at any time. To apply the changes that you’ve made, simply click the Save changes button at the bottom.

Below your personal information there’s a section explaining what role you were assigned and what kind of capabilities that role brings. The system currently enables a user to be assigned one of five available roles: Custodian, Admin, Editor, Designer, or Analyst.  Custodian and Admin have full access to the whole system. The only difference between them is that custodians are also able to change the billing details and switch to different plans that are on offer. An Editor is able to work with editions, campaigns, folios, analytics, as well as manage projects which they were assigned to by the Custodian or Admin. A Designer’s role is to create and edit editions, whereas the Analyst role is to monitor editions analytics, both only within the projects which they were assigned to.

On the right-hand side of the My Account section, the main account information is located. If you’ve registered this account, you will automatically assume the Custodian role. Apart from having total control over your account, you are also able to upgrade your plan and are responsible for the payments and billing address.



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