How to add shape/image actions

As well as being static or animated building blocks of the page layout, shapes and images (and other supported elements) are also capable of triggering an array of different action types. The actions span from simple URL link or page navigation, to more complex, like play animation, video and sound. Oh, and each shape can trigger many actions at once. Just imagine the complexity you can achieve by connecting all these features amongst each other.

All the action obviously takes place within the Actions panel (pardon the pun). Whenever you select a shape or image using the select tool, this is where all existing actions will be displayed. At the same time, this is also where you can add new actions, change their settings, or delete unwanted actions.

To add an action to the selected shape, locate and click the plus icon just right of the desired action type label. For instance, On click events. This will open a curated list of actions so you can select exactly which one will be triggered. Depending on which action you've selected, you will then need to determine its details that will appear beneath.



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