How to create shapes

When designing pages, there are three tools at your disposal which will allow you to create a vast array of different shapes. These three tools are called Ellipse, Rectangle, and Polyline and are located in the left-hand Tools panel.


Shapes can be used as static graphical building blocks of the page layout and/or clickable objects that trigger a series of actions, which you can define using the Actions panel.

To create an ellipse or a rectangle , first select the corresponding tool from the left-hand Tools panel. Now move your cursor over to the work area and drag your mouse across the area where you want the shape to be placed. If you do that while holding down Shift on your keyboard, the shape will be drawn in equal proportions. This enables you to easily draw squares and circles. The exact same thing happens when you hold down the Ctrl key, except now, the shape will be drawn from its centre instead of the upper left corner. Simple, right?


The Polyline tool requires a slightly different approach. In essence you are drawing individual segments of the shape instead of drawing the whole shape at once. Here’s how it works... Once you’ve selected the Polyline tool, move your mouse to the work area and click on the spot where you want to create your shape’s starting point. Then, move the mouse away from that point and a straight line is drawn. Now place your mouse in the spot where you want the straight line to break and click again. This will create a corner point, also known as vertex in geometry, from where you can draw another straight line. Repeat this process until you’ve created a shape you’re happy with. Finally , close the shape by clicking back on the starting point.


And the Polyline shape’s magic doesn’t stop there! To fine tune your shape use the Direct selection tool, which is also located in the left-hand Tools panel. Whenever you select a polyline shape with this tool, you’ll see three new icons appear in the upper context menu. These icons represent different functionalities of the Direct selection tool and enable you to move existing corner points, add additional corner points, or remove excess corner points from the selected polyline shape.



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