How to use the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main hub of the most recent information and updates concerning the entire system: your editions, analytics, campaigns, folios, apps, newsstand and others. That’s also why it's first to appear after logging in - so you can be up to date with what’s going on. The dashboard is also a starting point from where you can quickly access other sections of the system like Workflow, Analytics, and the wizard for creating new editions.

Right beneath the main menu is a section containing basic statistical information about your editions that has been gathered in the preceding 90 days. First from the left is a line graph that displays cumulative visits of the top five most-visited editions. If you click the up arrow beneath the line graph, you’ll see which are the top five visited editions. Next to the line graph is a GEO location map that highlights the top five countries where your readers come from. If you click the up arrow beneath the map, a more detailed list of those countries appears. Last, but not least, is a pie chart that displays the proportions of different device types that readers have used to view your editions. Clicking the up arrow underneath the pie chart reveals more detailed info about the devices that were used most often.


A bit further down, the dashboard displays a collection of the most recently created editions and articles. Each edition and article is represented by a card that contains its cover image, name, and description. Article cards also contain a tag in the upper right corner, so it's easier to distinguish them from editions - which don't have a tag. If you want to see more details, click on the dotted icon beneath the cover image to reveal more information.

The bar at the bottom of each card is reserved for supplemental action buttons, which are dependent on the edition’s status. When the edition is unpublished, the bar contains an Edit and a Preview button, which enable you to quickly access the Workflow and/or open a preview of the edition in a new browser tab. However, when the edition is live, the bar contains the Edit, Analytics, and View buttons, which enable you to quickly access the Workflow, enter the Analytics section, and/or open the live edition in a new browser tab, respectfully.

Creating new editions and articles is also very easy to do from the Dashboard. Simply locate the Create new card and click the green plus icon. This gives you three options: Edition from PDF, Edition from scratch, and Article. Clicking on either of these options launches a very easy to follow wizard that will lead you through every step of the process.



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