How to create a new edition from PDF files

Edition Digital enables you to upload a PDF file (or multiple PDF files) of your design and let the system turn it into a digital edition. The PDF file will determine the digital edition’s page size, initial number of pages and the background of those pages. In addition, the PDF text will become searchable. The system will also search the PDF for existing links and create a shape with an open url action type in the exact same spot where it was discovered.

To make the initial process really straightforward, we’ve incorporated a wizard that will guide you through the first steps of creating a new edition from a PDF file. Here’s a short video that shows how the wizard works. Enjoy!

After the PDF is uploaded and processed, you can embellish the PDF with additional features like links, videos, image galleries, animations, and much more. Click this link to learn how to make your first-ever digital publication with Edition Digital.  

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